Dash support on Trezor Safe 3

Hi Trezor,

Hope you guys are doing well. I have been a Trezor user for several years now, owning both some model Ts and model Ones. I use Trezor to interact with the DASH network very actively, store, send, receive, exchange, etc. I do this from both model Ts and Ones I own. I was looking foward to trying out the Safe 3 for the same purpose. Could you active DASH on the Safe 3 so I can use it? You have supported Dash in your devices for many years so it should be simple. I know of many Trezor users that use Dash with your other devices. Please assist.


In fact, I was awaiting for this new Trezor for a while and was very excited to get Trezor Safe 3 myself as well. What needs to happen so we can see Dash among the supported coins?

My whole family and I would gladly upgrade our wallets to a new version if it supported Dash!

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Big fan of Trezor but unfortunately I cannot use the Safe3 model anymore since it doesn’t support Dash any more. Can you please make sure to support this coin like you have always done in the past?

Dash is approaching 10 years as a project and is still one of the top payment coins in the industry. Thank you.


I second this request.

Yeah, Trezor, why not? Any help or advices needed to achieve this? I am willing to help, or even better - prepare you some pull requests

We’re genuinely sorry to hear that the discontinuation of the DASH token has affected many of you.

Decisions like this are never made lightly, and we always consider various factors with great care. Our primary goal is to ensure the highest level of security for the coins we support, which can sometimes mean discontinuing support for certain tokens. We’ve acknowledged your concerns about the absence of Dash support in the TS3 model.

To offer clarity, while Dash isn’t supported by the new Trezor Safe 3 model, it continues to be supported in both our Trezor Model 1 and Trezor Model T.