Crypto Stolen - Please Help

Hello - just a few hours ago, after an Exodus Windows desktop update, my crypto started disappearing, even ETH which was on my Trezor. I can’t do anything but view my ETH when in Exodus, if the Model T is not connected. So how did they get it? I lost 4.82 ETH, which is a huge sum of money for me. I frequently receive push updates from Exodus and received one today, but clearly it was rogue. Again - if it’s on the hardware wallet, how did it get access??

Did you open any fishy attachments from a whatsapp discussion?

There are scams like ETH smart contract allowance. A scammer makes a website promising you a nice airdrop of new tokens or other nonsense, see:

Or you made a backup of your seed phrase on a digital device and somehow others hacked it. Never make a backup of your seed phrase on any device, only write it down on a piece of paper and/or punch it in a metal backup sheet. Only use offline backup solutions for your seed phrase also called recovery seed and passwords (if you used the hidden wallets feature).