Created a hidden wallet and lost the paraphrase

Created a hidden wallet on my Trezor (in addition to two others). Transferred BTC to it from the network. Found today that can’t find the paraphrase. What are the options besides the brute force?

Based on what I’m reading I’m toast and the brute force option is the only possible. Are there special projects that can bypass the mechanical button pressing to automate it? Otherwise the number of physically possible attempts to perform is very low. I think I remember the word inside but it was surrounded by 4-6 digits and special symbols so give or take 15^6… Any suggestion?


Heii @rytrom

Sorry to hear you lost it…

But yes only by brute force.

There are some projects and stuff that may help you brute force it but for that you have to do your own research.

If you have a receive address, a structure of your passphrase (number of characters sigbs you usually use) this can be helpful for the brute force…

Good luck


Not really. If you’re up for it, an option is to build a custom firmware that skips the check.

What happens if I recover the wallet with another vendor (not Trezor)? Is the individual wallet concept part of the overall standard or it’s a proprietary addition of Trezor which will be lost with the recovery with another vendor?


Well when you add the passphrase to a wallet it will create a completely new wallet.

So to access the wallet you will always need the recovery sees words plus the passphrase no matter witch software you are using to access it

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Thanks. But my question is if it’s part of a defined standard or Trezor proprietary implementation. When I created a wallet I had a set of generated by the software 24 words. Then in Trezor app I created separate virtual wallets - some of them with a phrase some of them without. I understand that they appear as separate wallets with their own addresses. My question is if I want to recover the entire unit on, say, Ledger - by using the 24 words I can recover the default wallet. Can I also recover the “virtual” wallets created by Trezor?

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