Create Shamir backup from exist seed


I wanted to know, is it possible to create a Shamir backup on an existing seed?
Let’s say I have a seed on another hardware wallet and I want to migrate to Trezor and apply the best security practices I can including the Shamir back up and destroy the seed afterward.
So instead of having a single seed that can be stolen/destroyed, etc… I want to have multiple private keys that I can distribute in multiple places.
If it’s not possible, is it possible to create a new Shamir backup and get the seed from Trezor in order to restore on another hardware wallet that does not support Shamir backup?

I can use trezorctl interface or the ui interface.


it’s not possible to change existing single seed to Shamir. Shamir even uses different words. Feel free to read more on Shamir: Shamir Backup - Trezor Wiki.

Since Shamir backup is new thing, most of the wallet don’t support it yet. Cobo Vault has implemented it already and I am sure other wallet providers will follow.