Contacting support via email (or other ways without recaptcha)

I’ve been searching for a way to contact support regarding order issues (nothing secret). The official way seems to require ReCaptcha, which I have no interest in running on my computer - it’s blocked on my computer, and I don’t even know how to enable it.

After extensive search, I have found an email contact in the payment confirmation, which seems to have created a ticket, but to save others the search, maybe it would be beneficial to publish other forms of contact? E.g. for cases when people don’t want to run extensive blobs on their computers, or when prefer other forms of communication.

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Hi @monoids,

The official way to get support is to go to and see if your issue is explained on that page, otherwise you press the chat icon in the lower right corner. You may also search this forum and see if your issue has been discussed before.

SatoshiLabs offer email support after you’ve made a ticket.

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Hi, I’ve looked at issues and searched the forum, but I have not found the answer. It seems like a new issue, as I did not have it a few months ago (option to order as a company, not an individual).

I wanted to use Trezor as a security device, as it has a reasonable feature set to be usable and secure (FIDO2 U2F, ed25519, Shamir offline backup, display for confirming specific actions and entering pin). I would need to trust the manufacturer and SatoshiLabs seems it could be trustworthy, if people use them for valuable coins.

SatoshiLabs is free to conduct their business as they please and I imagine they probably get a lot of unsolvable support requests from desperate users. Still, requiring a returning customer to run ReCaptcha, with questionable legality under GDPR, and its blobs of sticks and probes requiring wide open browsers, does lead me to question SatoshiLabs’ judgement.

I will need to think about it, though, as a security token, the security and usability benefits of Trezor T are huge in comparison to most alternatives I’ve seen. Typical tokens are fishable unreliable trinkets in comparison.

Looking again, I may have been mistaken about contact information. There is an email and phone contact listed on terms-of-use page. Not sure if they respond as you say.

There is no explicit captcha on the page. If you’re seeing a captcha prompt, it could be Cloudflare’s DDoS protection triggering for you – but I’m told Cloudflare is using hCaptcha, not ReCaptcha, which should be significantly better in terms of privacy.

There is a ReCaptcha on the e-shop contact form, yes, but you don’t need to use that one. So the answer would be, go through, use the chat bot.

If you’re encountering ReCaptcha anyway, please provide a screenshot and URL.

I’ve received a reply, thank you.

After testing - I can confirm the support agent on doesn’t seem to require ReCaptcha and seems to work without it (after enabling a couple of other scripts).

I’m not sure if it’s ever shown, as I have tracking/invasive scripts disabled, though ReCaptcha is still at least downloaded (the reason I didn’t try enabling other things).

Ah, that might be a side effect of offering Google Pay as a payment option.