Consolidate multiple accounts in to one account of the same coin


I have multiple accounts in my Trezor, all of it are BTC. How can I best consolidate all these accounts in to one account? Do I need to send them to an address in account 1, basically over the BTC network incurring fees, or is there an easier way?

Thanks in advance!


Yup, you need to send it over the BTC network to consolidate.

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If you have multiple independent accounts, the consolidation means the loss of a piece of privacy.

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How does this lose privacy when you use a new address every time? aka, if i send the btc to account 1 each time with a new address, how could people find out that it belongs to the same person? (thanks in advance, learning) thanks!

all BTC addresses you send between will be linked by transactions/addresses on the blockchain.
In reality it’s not very easy to retain privacy with many blockchains including BTC.

That’s why Monero and the similar chains came along.

If privacy is important to you, never allow a BTC address be associated with KYC etc on CEXs.
And don’t send between accounts that have had KYC done against them.
There are coin mixers which can help… but easier just to use Monero in my view.

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