Connect Trezor to Opensea


I transferred some NFT’s from a hot wallet to my Trezor, using my main Trezor account sending the NFT from Opensea to the Trezor main address. I see the NFT’s arrived on Etherscan.
Now, I need to connect metamask so I can interact on Opensea. I follow the steps as described in
I get stuck at ‘select an account’, as there is a whole list of addresses unknown to me without the right one being there. What am I doing wrong?

you are using different seed or passphrase (or both).

Every set of addresses is derived from those two entries so if you change one of them (or both) the whole set of addresses change as well.

How do I set / reset my passphrase? Assuming the passphrase is linking my main account

Typing any passphrase will generate a completely new wallet. There is no such thing as an “incorrect passphrase”, so whatever you provide as your input will be used in the process of deriving a wallet.

Ok thanks. So how do I connect the wallet that my NFT’s are in?
Before you were talking about seed phrase. Do I have to put my seed somewhere?

your seed is represented by the private key that is stored on Trezor device so by using different seed I meant that you are either using different Trezor device or newly generated Trezor wallet.

Thus if you have not recently recovered or created new wallet nor you have another Trezor with different seed the only possible explanation for not being able to access desired address is that you are using different passphrase (than you did when you created the address in the first place).

Please note that to access this hidden wallet repeatedly, you have to use the exact same passphrase in combination with the recovery seed on the device. Using the same seed with a different passphrase will generate a different wallet. Using a different seed with the “correct” passphrase will generate a different wallet

I am terribly confused.
What if I don’t have the passphrase anymore to this wallet? Can I reset it? Maybe I am just putting the wrong passphrase

What is the difference between the passphrase and the seed phrase? The passphrase is just a password that I made myself right?

I see now that to access my wallet I dont need a passphrase. I have a standard wallet

so are you able to access your tokens now ?

I have acces to my ETH. Its about NFT’s

To set up MetaMask with the Trezor so I can interact with the NFT’s

ok good.

Just for future references please see following articles where the passphrase feature (and the way how it affects the whole process of deriving addresses) is described: