Connect to Ethereum wallte with old FW. Don't want to update FW because lost recovery seed

I have an old Trezor that I can still use to connect to my BTC account but it requires a FW update to connect to myether wallet. I lost my seeds so I don’t want to update the FW because I just found out there are tokens for a few thousand usd in the wallet.

Is there no way to connect to my ethereum wallet with the old FW?


I’ve got exactly the same problem, can’t access to the Ethereum wallet and lost my seed but I have my pin.


Since you still have access to your wallet, I would suggest you try using with your Trezor, which should allow you to access and send your ETH and other ERC20 tokens to a new wallet.

If you manage to access your coins through this wallet, it will be necessary for you to make a new wallet into which you will send those coins in order to back them up with a seed, which will allow you to perform the update safely. There are two options for how you can achieve that. However, the only one that we recommend is the first one since it makes sure that your private keys can’t, in any way, get compromised along the way. The other one is solely on your own risk and we don’t guarantee any safety of your private keys if you choose for it.

  1. Use another hardware wallet and send your coins to that wallet. Don’t forget to move any other non-ETH funds as well before updating the firmware.

  2. Create a new software wallet, which you will use to send your coins to. Once you do that, you will be able to wipe the wallet that you have lost your seed from, make a new one, and update your device.

Both of these processes are also explained in this guide.

I can access the wallet via
The problem is that the transaction that is generated has a very low gas price and I cannot find out how to change the gas price. Is there perhaps any other legacy product I could use?

You can try MEW, they have different releases available on GitHub: Releases · MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet · GitHub.

As far as I understand you have a pending transaction in now or it has failed already?

Great I was able change the gas price and transfer my tokens.
Now I have a problem updating the FW. The FW update process does not seem to recognize when I am in bootloader mode, so the update process is not continuing. I guess this is because I have a very old FW. Is there a way to first install an older FW that is compatible with the new FW update process.

Hi, this shouldn’t be a problem even with old firmware, Trezor would ask you to update gradually in such a case. The fact that the device is not recognized in the bootloader can be caused by multiple things and it will require further troubleshooting, please, can you send us a support ticket via this form: Trezor Hardware Wallet (Official) | The original and most secure hardware wallet.

Include as many relevant details as possible - your OS, Trezor model version + FW version, description of the issue etc. and our support team will walk you thru it. Thanks!