Connect 2 Trezors, to App, to transfer from Trezor "A" to "B" , without Internet

How to transfer “crypto” between 2 Trezors, without using internet connection?

We are looking for an APP, feature, that allows 2 trezors, Linked together, without internet. For example, a computer with 2 USB, and Trezor APP installed. Can be Windows / macosx - APP or Adino?

This allows transaction between people, when internet fails (cyber attack etc…),
or when buying bread at bakery…

Maybe this is already possible when 2 people have Trezor connected to Phone mobile phone and are using Bluetooth communication…

But it would be nice, when a bakery has a computer on their desk,
and people with a Trezor-T can simply

  • Plug in their trezor and Pay, and/or
  • scan QR-code,
    To transfer the agreed amount, between the 2 trezors.

Can this be done? connecting 2 Trezors simultaniously to Trezor App,
without Internet connection to make the transfer ? e.i. directly form trezor “A” to “B” ?

Of course not possible
What you’re saying only applies to centralized things like China’s digital yuan.
For the decentralized digital currency such as btc and eth, the transfer recognized on the chain is the real transfer.
You can use the same seed for both trezors and then use a passphrase to manage multiple wallets. This eliminates the need for two devices to transfer money.

Heii @bastiaan

Remenber that Btc is known for Magic internet money.

So for you to do transactions you need internet so you can access the network and validate your transactions.

This is true for most crypto currency’s

If interested read the Internet of Money by A. Antonopolous

The issue is, the coins are not stored on the Trezor. They’re on the blockchain, which is basically a huge database of who owns which coins.

With current technology, it’s impossible to do the above securely. Yes, you could pay offline with just a Trezor, in theory. But then you could use the same “coin” again and again in multiple shops, because the shops aren’t talking to each other and don’t know that the same “coin” was already spent.

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