Concern Regarding Replacement Trezor Model T: Missing Security Seal


I am reaching out regarding a replacement Trezor Model T that I recently received. Previously, I had a pleasant resolution experience under ticket number 216605, attended to by an agent named Radek.

Upon the arrival of the replacement device, I observed that it lacked the standard plastic wrap and, more critically, the expected security seal on the USB C port. I have attached photos to this message for your reference.

Considering the absence of these security measures, I am hesitant to use the device due to the potential risks involved. Security is a crucial concern for me.

I attempted to address this through a response to ticket 216605 but have not received a follow-up. I’m hoping someone on the public forum can provide some insight, or someone who works for Trezor will see this. The latest ticket opened was 220144

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Hello @CryptoBrad,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. I can see that this issue has been resolved in ticket 216605, you received an email a few hours ago regarding this matter.

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