Computer slows to a crawl after opening Trezor Suite

I’m running an i7-12700 Win 11 Home desktop with 32G ram and a 3080 graphics card. When I start the Suite my mouse immediately starts lagging behind my hand movement and clicking on any box takes 10 seconds to respond. I made my first transaction into my new wallet but it was incredibly painful chasing my mouse cursor all over the screen and waiting for any clicks to get acknowledged. As soon as I closed the Suite everything went back to normal. I have Project Lasso installed and checked it while this was happening and it didn’t show anything unusual with the Trezor App, maybe 3% CPU activity and memory/response was all in the green. Any idea why this is happening?

is your keyboard affected too?

(open notepad and type things, see if there’s lag)

can you try plugging in a USB flash drive, start copying a large file from it, then see what happens to the speed when you open Suite?

what brand is your mouse?

This doesn’t sound right. I have a laptop which uses the Trezor Suite and it opens up normal. Maybe your PC got infected or a crypto miner is running in the background or heavy processes are running in the background. Did you also check task manager?

Something is definitely wrong and I can tell you it’s not the Trezor Suite. The Suite evens runs on patato PC, because it’s not a heavy program.

Keyboard works fine with the suite open, I tried transferring a file and the speed didn’t seem to be affected with the suite open or closed but the mouse was skipping while it was open again.

Mouse is Ttesports Commander, USB. 5 button with roller.

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I checked Task manager, CPU is very lightly loaded, 2 -3% only. I don’t see any programs I don’t recognize. Memory about 19% of 32G. Windows updates and drivers are all up to date.

It only seems to be the mouse which is slowing down and only with the Suite, I use the PC for heavy flightsim with lots of sub programs running and all is good with the mouse at those times.

This doesn’t happen to me and most people so you really need to find out what’s different. Did you also run an antivirus check? Did you update your drivers?

if you start a game that’s controlled by mouse input, is that also affected if Suite is running? or is it just the desktop?

can you try installing Trezor Bridge from Trezor Suite and using the web version of Suite at Trezor Suite ?

in case that works fine, can you also try desktop Suite again and see if it works while Trezor Bridge is running?