Compromised 3rd party Wallet

Hi everyone im new here, I just want to ask.
My 3rd party wallet (Metamask) is compromised and has been hacked already (bnb token taken)

My question is if I use trezor can the hacker still get my crypto?

I know the recommended action is to make a new metamask wallet but the one im playing right now(bombcrypto) doesnt have a marketplace yet so I can’t transfer my NFTs to my new address :cry:

If the exposed wallet does not move assets, no matter what method is used, it is already insecure.
Even if you use trezor, there is no nft in trezor. Your nft is still in the original mm wallet.

Thanks for the reply!

Well yes actually there is no way yet to transfer the ntf but my concern is with the crypto token im earning with the game… The hacker stole my bnb token which is supposed to be for my gas fees… If i connect the trezor to my metamask can the hackee repeat transferring my bnb?

Let me explain this to you.
The reason trezor is a hardware wallet is that the seeds produced are never connected to the Internet.
For example, your MM wallet is a lockable drawer on a desk, and your MM password is the drawer key. The trezor is a 1-ton safe.
If you want the money in your drawer to be safe, the best way is to take it out and put it in the safe. Connecting the legs of the desk with the safe with an iron chain (data cable) does not prevent the thief who already has the key from continuing to steal the money in the drawer.