Comparison between T1 and TT

The Trezor Model One has been the golden standard for storing cryptocurrency ever since it was invented. As the first hardware wallet, it defined the industry as a user-friendly, offline key storage. The Model One also introduced the BIP-39 standard, now adopted by almost all software and hardware wallets. A single-purpose device, the Model One is all you need to protect cryptocurrency, and is further enhanced by Trezor Suite’s privacy-enhancing features . For more information about the Trezor Model One, see Trezor One.

The Trezor Model T is a premium, advanced hardware wallet. In addition to the functionalities of the Trezor Model One, it has a full-color touchscreen which is used for secure on-device input. The modern design includes an SD card slot and is capable of SLIP39 Shamir backup, a way to safely split a backup seed into multiple shares for distributing across multiple safe places. Other advanced features include FIDO U2F and FIDO2 support, making it the only FIDO2 device with a touchscreen. For more information about this hardware wallet, please see Trezor Model T.

For a comparison of the two products and their features side-by-side, see Comparison.