Command to uninstall Trezor Suite 22.2.3 on MAC Desktop

Would appreciate a command line syntax to uninstall 22.2.3 due to the fact that there is NO UN-INSTALL feature on this old version of Trezor Suite. Please help, falling WAY behind on the software.

How about this?

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Uninstaller would be great; however, from what I read, there is NO uninstaller for this version. We need a linux command line to uninstall it is what I think is missing. Once we get onto the latest version, Ive read there is an uninstaller. Happy to be wrong, but I can not find any Graphical, Icon, App way to uninstall it at this time. Most linux opperating systems have an app get command to install software and a app get reverse command line to remove. Looking for that remove command line for this version 22.2.3.
Please let me know if you or anyone else can help.

you uninstall it the same way as any other app, there is no “uninstaller”. See previous post.

your question was about MacOS.