Coinjoin Account, Possibly out of Sync all the time

Hello guys,

i need some feedback from other users. Im myself an IT guy so im used to troubleshooting software issues. Im testing out the Coinjoin Feature since weeks but i run into an issue that my coinjoin account is possibly out of sync all the time. Im using VPNs and on top of that i run the trezor suite with tor enabled.

What i discovered:

The strange thing is sometimes it works just perfect account syncs moderatly fast (tor) and then you can just run the coinjoin. Then it just works smoothly and it runs for 6-7 hours just does it job and then suddenly, nothing changed at the setup it just says “account possibly out of sync” at it doesnt sync forever like you can run it days the bar wont move. The tor button is always checked and tor is connected in seconds if you restart the application.

I first thought its my vpn setup i changed the protocols and i run 3 different popular providers but it doesnt seem to be the problem since i even tried to run the trezor suite directly from the router without vpns and the sync also didnt do anything for 30 minutes.

I changed the device, i reinstalled it multiple times but its just unstable. The interesting thing is if you restart the software sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. I think at the beginning it connects to tor and sometimes it maybe randomly connects to a tor entry node that just is not performing well. Or maybe it works for 7-8 hours then it changes the tor network in the background to a new node that doesnt work.

The root cause:

From my feeling there is issues with the tor integration the thing is even if you disconnect your internet the tor check on the top right always stays. So even if you have internet issues or such the tor button always says “all is fine” so you never know if tor is having troubles it doesnt show anything in the UI like connected to how many nodes etc. like wasabi wallet does.

I can also verify with the same VPN setup one time i open trezor suite and it syncs withing 60 minutes and another time same setup same ip protocol everything it just stays unsynced forever.

Also i can verify 2 pcs same trezor suite, coinjoin account, same vpn setup same ip same protocol: on one device it syncs on the other it stays unsynced after 60 minutes. The only thing that is different must be the Tor connection since it must randomly choose a entry node.

Also its like this if it syncs and then i have a small Disconnect reconnect the VPN same ip as before it just stays unsynced for ever.


I have the feeling when i start the program it either works or it doesnt. I dont thinkg its my VPN setup because then it would always not work. It cant be that it works one time for 7 hours and then it just stops working forever. Or it one time works when i open the software and 7 times it doesnt. It either does work with my internet or it should never work but not randomly yes / no / yes / no / yes for 7 hours / no forever.

Please trezor team do your testing with many scenarios with VPNs without im sure you guys will find out that this out of sync happens all the time i dont think im the only one that will discover it.