Coinbase transfer of ETH not showing in my trezor wallet

few weeks ago I transferred some ETH from my coinbase account to my trezor wallet. It is still not showing. I understand it’s because Coinbase sent it the cheaper way via internal transfer. I see my total balance on the etherium etherscan database but not on my trezor wallet. 2 questions:

  1. How do I get my Trezor wallet to show it
  2. how do I move the missing eth back to a brokerage firm like coinbase?

Hi, this has been discussed here already several times.

see for example:

Answers for your questions:

  1. Your ETH is on your Trezor, You just don’t ses the TX in the history but the value is reflected in the final balance thus you are able to spend it.

  2. By doing regular outgoing TX on your Trezor.