Coin swaps to itself (Trezor/MetaMask)

I keep running into some issues with my MetaMask/Trezor.
Ex. I chose to use $WETH to buy a coin and the transaction gets through and it’s me buying $WETH with my $WETH. Basically coin swaps itself into itself, and #gasfees are taken (they were almost absurdly low in ETH terms… but the transactions exist, they are registered in Etherscan). Have had that happen with $QNT too.
That happened on Uniswap and Sushiswap

Am obviously worried. Also had that scam coin dropped akSwap dot io. Though I did not interact with… could it somehow how fuck up my wallet ?


Trezor itself doesn’t check or modify swap parameters. This must be an issue in Metamask generating wrong swap data and sending them into Trezor.