Clicking on an airdrop link

I’ve been using Trezor for 2 weeks now.
When in accounts → Token tab, I got the message you can see in the attached printscreen.
I know not to interact with spam transactions, but this was not in the transactions tab. It was under ‘tokens’ tab
When i setup the wallet, I’ve also connected my trezor with Rabby so I can store OP and Avax, so I thought it might be one of these tokens
I did click on the thing and it took me to a website.
My trezor device was not connected, I did

not sign anything and I did not share my seed, which is completely offline
I’ve checked and it says no smart contracts are signed
I didn’t interact with any dapps.
What can come out of this? Can my wallet be drained?

if you interact with the airdrop you could be saying “yes you can move my funds”


I didn’t sign any transaction or so, my trezor wasn’t even plugged in
I just clicked to see the website’s contents

Past your ETH address into

Just to make sure there’s no spending allowances

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Hi @Ant1social,

These are so-called airdrop scam tokens. Please, find more information at

If you just visited the link and did not enter your recovery seed (or sign any transaction), there is nothing to worry about. Your funds are safe.

In the next version of Trezor Suite, these scam tokens will be labeled and moved to a special “Unrecognized tokens” category so the users are warned that these are not legit ERC20 tokens.

Also, this is not connected with Rabby or any other 3rd party wallet. Scammers sent you these scam tokens as they can see that you have an amount of funds that is interesting to them. This can be seen publicly on the blockchain.

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Similar to Ant1social. I havent used my Trezor for a few months. Looked at my ETH and saw 8 messages referring to Airdrops with links. As they are on Trezor I expect these to be legit.

Reading these threads it seems these are spam / phishing. Is this the case? And if so how are they appearing on Trezor, which we use as a safe haven?

Appreciate any comment / reply

Hi Martin,

Anybody can send you tokens just by taking your address from Blockchain Explorer. Scammers do that in an automated way.
A good rule of thumb is that if the token appears as a website address, it’s a scam.
The scam attempts to get you to visit the site and connect your wallet where they can then gain access to your account and steal your funds.

It is all under the guise that you have tokens worth a lot of money therefore, of course, you want to sell them and get the money from a free airdropped token.

However, since there is no other way to send the tokens to an exchange or wherever else it needs to stay where it is.

These tokens are visible in your wallet but stored on the blockchain, so they cannot do any real harm.
The reason they are visible in the Trezor Suite is that the Suite reflects the state on the blockchain and someone just sent them to you. As of version 24.2.1, airdrop scam tokens are in the “Unrecognized tokens” group, which should alert all users in Suite.

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