Checking recovery seed requires pin? (which is why I'm checking the seed)

I have a Trezor One, and haven’t logged into it in a few years.

I have been trying to check my recovery seed to ensure that I will be able to reset and recover my wallet if I wipe it (because, unfortunately, I cannot recall my pin). I followed the instructions to do it on the wallet.trezor site, and also on the old-wallet.trezor site. But everytime I select 24-word seed, and click continue (using the advanced option, or not) it brings up the pin matrix on the device, and won’t let me proceed to check the recovery seed.

Do I need the pin to check the recovery seed? Is my only recourse to go ahead and wipe the device and use the recovery key to get it back? (I’m wary, because on other services I’ve used the recovery key turned out not to be the recovery key. Trezor is a better service than that other one, but, once burned twice shy!)

I would be grateful for any help! Thanks!

Hi @Ruar1
You can’t test the seed without the PIN. The test operation itself also requires a PIN.
You would need a spare Trezor, if you want to securely test the seed without wiping your Trezor.

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Thank you @MichalZ !