Check backup failed! Help!

Hello! After many years without using Trezor, I went to test the seed words in the Trezor Suite (check backup) to verify if they were correct but they failed the test. I have access to my coins normally, I have the pin, only the seeds that I have written down have failed the test. How do I do? Do I remove all cryptos and do a factory reset to write down the new words? Can’t see seed words in Trezor Suite?

yes, that is correct, you need to move your coins to new seed:

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I have Trezor connected to Ronin, do I need to remove coins from there too?

Yes, all your addresses are derived from your seed, does not matter which wallet you use.

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I don’t understand. I just did the wallet factory reset, I wrote it down word for word, I went to do the backup check test and it didn’t work!
I thought there was something wrong with the check so I reset the wallet again and tried using the words to redeem and it didn’t work! I’m losing faith that this wallet works.
What is happening?

I found out what was going on. I was only using 12 words and my seeds are 24 words. I thought I could do it with fewer words but it needs to be all of them.