Cardano (ADA) Roadmap in Trezor

Hi friends,

In the trezor roadmap, I see that they are working on supporting ADA and therefore, I would like you to answer several questions if possible.

  1. When is the implementation of native support expected?

  2. Will it be compatible with model one and t?

  3. Can we use staking as in applications like yoroi?

That’s all folks, and thank you very much for the work you do.


Hi @barracala

  1. You can follow the progress over here: Cardano (ADA) support · Issue #3550 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub
  2. Model T only
  3. Yes in meantime you can still manage operations with your ADA (staking included) using Trezor T with 3rd party wallets such as Yoroi or AdaLite

Thank you very much for the information.

From what I see, the deployment is scheduled for January 12, right? or am I wrong?

Thank you

Yes, January 12th it is.

Will Trezor T support the Cardano Native Tokens (CNT) besides ADA?

I am using 3rd party wallets Adalite/ccVault etc with Trezor and so far have no problem sending/receiving Cardano ADA but the new dAPPs on the blockchain requires Trezor to support the Smart Contract (or dApp connector) otherwise I can’t do any swapping with DEXs and basically all dApps functions become inaccessible.

Can I check if Trezor is working on supporting ADA smart contract and when would this support feature be released in terms of firmware updates?

I think a lot of Cardano Trezor users are affected by this and I heard that Ledger will support this in their March release. Hope this is on the near future roadmap for Trezor as otherwise it will really affect the user experience in a big way… Thanks!