Cardano (ADA) in Trezor Suite - How it works?

I noticed that my Cardano wallet in Trezor Suite works differently from other Cardano wallets like Yoroi or AdaLite. Is there an article on how this wallet works?

Apparently I can’t review the 2 ADA fee for delegating my Cardano, I can’t choose a pool for delegation and the entire balance deposited in my wallet automatically goes into Stake, is that right?

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Hi, yes, all these things are correct, they will be taken into consideration in the future.

You can use other wallets like adalite paired with Trezor if you need advanced functions.


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Alsko you can check this link as it may help you:

Cardano on trezor

Can we clarify this?

If I have 100 ADA in my main wallet on Trezor and 10 ADA unclaimed on the Staking tab, does that mean my current staked value is 110 ADA (i.e. it compounds)?

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Yes you are delegating the address not the amount.

New coins received from wallets or from staking are automatically staked.

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Thanks @rimaS! Will those be reflected in my wallet balance automatically? Or do I need to “Withdraw” them from the staking tab?

What does “Withdraw” do? If my address is delegated and not the funds, then why “Withdraw” them?


I am not an expert, but from what I understand is that, lets say, your rewards are only realized when withdraw the rewards.

The total balance of the staked address will be your inicial amount + your earn wich is in a, lets say, subaddress or a earn address

You will always have to withdraw your earnings to use them.

Check and read carefully

Also:Ada staking faqs

These are links I look up and research (i am not affiliated)

Please do your own reasearch

Hope I made some sense.


Also, this new video that is related to this topic just came out:

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Hi so when we stake with trezor suit which pool are we staking with and where can i find the stake address?

Hi @soundman57,

you are staking with Trezor pool if you use “Staking” feature in Trezor Suite. b2817f8c6ecf0e9ce1b5b9ab79a95f63df31b623934d2d3783e9bdbf - Cardanoscan

Your stake address can be found under the “Staking” tab: