Can't withdraw PAXG and ETH

I am experiencing problems withdrawing ETH and PAXG from my Trezor wallet. I have already had this problem a few times and the solution previously suggested bv Trezor support makes no difference.

I currently have 5 pending transactions that I set up several hours ago. There is a message in each transaction indicating that there are “not enough funds” presumably to pay the ‘gas’ fees, but in fact I have almost 6 ETH in the same wallet I am attempting to withdraw from so this is incorrect.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be and how to solve it?

because if you have multiple stuck transactions, this feature will not work.

You need to cancel the oldest transaction, please follow the video. Also, plenty of topic on the forum:

Thanks for the help but I found the video totally confusing; there is too much technical terminology that I don’t understand.

Can you or someone else explain in plain English why my Trezor is saying there are not enough funds to withdraw ETH and PAXG when I have 6 ETH?

I already explained my previous post, because you have multiple stuck transactions in the queue. And you need to unstuck the oldest one, simple as that.

Your explanation is clear but working out how to connect to Metamask and follow all the steps is going to be quite a challenge. I guess I have no option. Thanks for your support

Here are more instructions if you need to, you can also use MEW for ex.