Can't view wallet on Android

If I want to access my Trezor wallet on Android, It will not be detected on (and I saw the forum post that said it’s not going to be fixed). If I try third party programs that recognizes Trezor, they either import the private keys (defeating the purpose of having the Trezor), do not recognize any of the accounts, or have send only functionality.

When will there functionality available on Android so I could connect my Trezor and receive (not just send) using accounts on the Trezor?


You can connect to Trezor Wallet directly using WebUSB. Just plug your Trezor in to your Android phone, open Google Chrome, and visit either or Everything else works just like when using Trezor on a desktop computer.

When using an Android mobile device, you can also choose one of the available third-party services, such as Mycelium, Sentinel or Walleth.

Also please make sure that you have updated firmware.
If you are still having some connectivity issues try also using different cable.

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Thanks. I gotta remember to only go to the suite website.

Also, keep in mind: