Cant send funds from trezor to another wallet on Matic network

I have wmatic, matic, hex, and some other coins on the polygon network stored on my trezor. everytime i try to transfer them, it opens a popup window for trezor. however, nothing happens after i agree to the transaction and when i close the pop up window, it stops the transaction. how do i transfer my funds from polygon network off my trezor wallet? i tried this on MEW and metamask.

Hi @thebumblep

Please, check the suggestions below

  • Make sure, your Trezor is running the latest firmware.

  • After successful installation of Trezor Bridge, you should see “trezord” process running in your activity/system/task monitor. If you cannot see the process running in the background, please try to reinstall it again, from this source Trezor Wallet

  • Then, please check Trezor Bridge Status, available from

  • Use supported browsers only. Either Chrome or Firefox (try both and try using Incognito/privacy mode as well).

  • Clear your browsers cache.

  • Not only using a VPN, but also certain advanced Firewall or Antivirus settings, browser extensions (AdBlock, Privacy Badger, etc.), may cause connectivity issues, therefore please try to disable them as well.

  • On top of that, use only one application/website/browser tab with Trezor at a time. It is possible that they are clashing each other.