Can't send ETH from MyCrypto wallet issue with signature

I can’t send ETH from MyCrypto. The transaction get stucked on signature request.
Same issue as reported below:

Thanks for help!

Hi @mbe

are you able to sign this transaction using MEW or Metamask ?

Hi @MichalZ,

thanks for your respond. I had the same issue as described here - sending ETH to ETC address on Trezor:

I found the ETH address with MEW didn’t worked for me as it found loads of empty address. Finally, before a minute I even managed to send the ETH with wallet to correct ETH Trezor address. To allow the transaction I had to switch the Safety Checks to Prompt in the Trezor setting.


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yeah you have to do that when using different derivation path…
Anyway, I am glad that you issue has been resolved :+1: