Can't See Dollar Value Displayed For ERC-20 Tokens Inside ETH Wallet

I’m aware that ERC 20 tokens don’t add up in the mother value, but if I follow the path “Accounts > Ethereum > Tokens” I should be able to see the dollar value displayed to the right of my token’s quantity. But I don’t see the dollar value displayed there like I see other people have when I watch tutorials.

I can’t see anywhere to attach my screenshot here but I’ll try attaching it as soon as I send the thread.

Hi @DBK,

I can confirm that you should be able to see the fiat value in the “Tokens” tab. We are aware that fiat values for ERC20 tokens are not currently displayed in Trezor Suite for some users. Our developers are working on solving this issue. You can find information about this bug at FIAT Value of ETH tokens is not showing · Issue #9163 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub

Right now, the only option is to count the fiat value of the ERC20 manually. You can use for example for getting the latest fiat value rate.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, I believe this issue will be solved as soon as possible.