Can't find ETH wallet created in 2022

In 2022 I created an ETH wallet on my Trezor, and transfered some funds to it.

Now I went looking for it and cannot find it. The wallet’s address is 0xbB34Ccf6EdfF4E03e389aF38044650cbd7F77B10 (I could find it from the records in my exchange).

The money is still at that address, so it has not been stolen or anything. Is there any way for me to access that address from my trezor?

Is there any reason why the wallet to dissapear?

did you use a passphrase?

I have both kinds of wallet in my Trezor, with and without passphrase, and I can access both. But none show any funds.

has the seed been changed? is the passphrase def correct.
I take it you dont recognise the eth wallet address(es) ?
Have you checked other addresses assigned to the seed? metamask will shown a list of addresses.

No, I have not changed the seed. Yes I dont recognize the wallet address, and also the existing eth wallet that appears in Trezor suite, has a 0 balance and no transaction history. The bitcoin address in Trezor shows the transactions since 2016 when I got my Trezor.

I don’t know how to check other addresses using metamask.

If the bitcoin wallet is all there as expected and the ETH wallet shows zero and both were derived from the same seed. Then I’d would have to guess that maybe it’s a derivation path issue on the ETH wallet.
I have to say tho, this is my ‘best guess’ and my knowledge about derivation paths is not great. I just know they exist and can produce different wallet addresses etc.
Read for info here:
but do your own research.
I might be sending you the wrong path, but from what you’ve said here, it’s worth checking out.
good luck

Sure. thats a good point, thanks. I have an idea of how to do it

Another interesting point is that if the private and public keys used to create the ETH address in the first place are still within Trezor, In theory I should be able to authorize transactions from the address holding my ether. However, the Trezor suite, AFAIK, does not let you start transactions on addresses they don’t recognize.

So I would have to find a way to use trezor to sign transactions done through an Ethereum console such as geth. I’ll look into that.

If Trezor follows the principle: “not you keys, not your crypto” it should allow me to use the keysin my own term.

Hi @fccoelho,

If you see a different ETH address in Trezor Suite under your ETH account, it means that you are in a different wallet. You mentioned that the recovery seed stored in your Trezor device is correct. It means that you entered a different passphrase if you see a different ETH address under your ETH account.

Make sure you are entering the correct passphrase. Remember that passphrase can be any word or any set of letters (in ASCII format and with 50 characters max), it is case sensitive, and empty space is also a valid character, please also think of a different keyboard layout you could have used.

Simply put, in order to access the wallet with desired ETH address you need to enter the correct passphrase (the same passphrase as you entered when you generated this hidden wallet with the desired address for the first time).

If Trezor follows the principle: “not you keys, not your crypto” it should allow me to use the keys in my own term.

The problem is that you do not have the correct private key for the address. In order to have the correct private key the correct combination of the recovery seed and passphrase needs to be used.

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Thanks for the hint :grinning:. I only ever created a single hidden wallet. But I expected Trezor to give me a “wrong passphrase” error message if I entered the wrong passphrase. Instead, the default behavior appears to be the creation of a new hidden wallet. Now I entered the same passphrase I used when I transferred the funds and, as it should, there was the correct wallet with my funds in it!

Thanks a lot! I hope this thread help others that got this wrong as I did.


Are you serious about this?

you have to remember, as far as the trezor is concerned: There is NO ‘wrong’ passphrase wallet.

It just generates a wallet based on computation of the phrase you give it.
So you could put in 1 million different passphrases into the trezor, you’d get 1 million different wallets.

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