Can't create new backup


I have a Trezor Model One and I have some wallets on the standard wallet without password or pin. Now I wanted to create a backup for the case that I will lose my trezor device. But its not possible. Here is a picture: http s://

I can’t click the button, because a message with “Backup successful” is there. But I have not created a backup. Maybe 3 years ago. But I want to create a new backup, because I dont have the old backup anymore.


Your seed is the backup. If you have it you have the backup.

You can check if the seed is correct under “check backup”.

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But I dont have the seed anymore. Thats why I want to create a new seed. I still have access to the wallet, so it should be possible?

No, it is not, you have to transfer your coins away to a different wallet.

Then you will factory reset Trezor in the settings, and set up again creating a new wallet. Then send back to Trezor.