Can't check shamir backup

God damn it. First I couldn’t transfer USDT solana for days, now I can’t check my shamir backup seed.

I get about 2/3rds of the way through the first share and the app freaks out with some network error. I finish the share and disconnect and reconnect the device and it thinks the share was entered successfully, but trezor suite is hosed. I just rebooted and re-opened trezor suite and it’s telling me my device is connected and in recovery mode, when I’m holding it in my hand, completely disconnected.

You guys don’t test at all do you?

Recovery seed check failed when I’m entering 18/20 words. Now the suite says:

Device detected in incorrect state
You can’t change Device settings in this state

And I can’t get it out of this state.

Hello @wgmdei,

Could you please clarify if you use the desktop or web version of Suite?

If it is a desktop, could you please try the backup check the backup in the web version of Trezor Suite ?

Hi @dk_SL-

I was using desktop. I switched to the web suite and was able to verify my backup. Thanks. I solved my previous problem of not being able to send SOL USDT tokens by using the web suite as well. Also, the desktop suite never exits cleanly, I always have to force quit it. I tried re-installing and have the same problems. I guess I’m going to be using the web suite as my first option for the foreseeable future.

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