Cannot send theta tokens from Theta Wallet, connected to Model T

Can someone please advise on what to do? I can see my Theta Tokens on my Theta Wallet, which is connected to my Model T. For some reason, when I attempt to send my tokens to a legitimate theta address (non-ERC20), I am displayed a “data type” of some sort with a long string of characters. Once I confirm this on my model t, I am shown a recipient address made of 0x0000…I did not confirm this transaction and I am a bit worried. Could someone provide some guidance here on what is happening so i can withdraw my tokens?

it’s normal, for certain meanings of “normal”.

Theta network is not natively supported on Trezor – the entry on the coins page seems to be a mistake.

But Theta developers implemented a “compatibility layer” in which you can sign Theta transactions by pretending that they are Ethereum transactions.

… but, an Eth transaction looks different from a Theta transaction. So what they do instead is create an “empty” Eth transaction and stuff the Theta data into a “data” field (which is what you are asked to confirm).

It’s safe to do in the sense that you will not lose any Ethereum or other coin that way.

It’s not safe in the sense that you don’t see transaction details on Trezor screen. You’re guaranteed to stay on Theta, but for all you know, the coins could be going anywhere.

thank you this makes a lot of sense. One last question, should I attempt to send a very small amount to a new theta wallet via this approach and see whether it arrives to the correct destination? I am using the official theta wallet interface and can confirm the transaction details via the theta wallet browser extension.

There really isn’t any way to do this entirely securely, short of learning the Theta transaction format and decoding it in your head.

(it’s not as insane as it sounds – IIRC, you would calculate fixed offsets of things, and then just know things like “in the middle of the second screen there is some code that converts to an amnout, and straight after that is your destination address”)

That said, it’s kind of unlikely that your PC would be infected by a highly specific malware that allows you to send transactions under a threshold unmodified, but attacks the format (for Theta Wallet Trezor integration specifically) when you want to send a larger amount.

A reasonably secure thing you can do is:

  1. Send a test transaction
  2. Browse through the data that is displayed. Look for the recipient address – it’s going to be there somewhere within the first ~3 pages of output.
  3. When you locate it, note down where it was
  4. When sending the larger transaction, go to the same place and confirm that the correct destination address is there.

Thank you so much, followed all the steps you outlined and it worked out.

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