Cannot send tfuel from trezor to theta wallet

Hi, I am wanting to reset my whole trezor t as it has not been functioning as it should but have a small amount of tfuel which I am trying to send from my hidden wallet back to Theta wallet so nothing remains on the trezor. I have tried this on several occasions from firefox and chrome using duckduckgo. I have tried clearing all history, cache and cookies. I use a VPN and tried with it on and off. Each time I end up with it sending but then it takes me back where there is a little red circle and the top left hand side of the transaction and the coins remain unsent. Can you please advise me what this can be please. I have seen someone else had the same issue and the response from support was that he was trying to move all the coins and not leaving any for the fuel costs. However, this is calculated automatically and I have even tried sending even less and it still doesn’t work. I am all out of ideas, your help would. be most appreciated. Many thanks.

Hi @Dood1ok

Recently, there has been discovered an issue between Theta Wallet and Trezor. Learn more

Did the fix to access Theta on my Trezor get done? if not when is the estimated time frame.
Thanks Team

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I am echoing his sentiment. Has this fix for TFUEL on the Trezor taken place? I am wanting to stake my TFUEL and I have had zero luck gaining access to it via the to view my holdings that once were able to be viewed there. Please advise post haste. Thank you in advance.

please note that Theta Wallet is not officially supported, so whatever issues you are encountering, you might be better off contacting Theta support.

Trezor firmware only supports transacting TFUEL via MetaMask.
If you have the appropriate address linked to MetaMask, you can add the TFUEL network via

(With that said, I happen to have been playing with Theta Wallet recently and everything seems to work as well as one might expect. However, Theta’s backends seem to be very slow for me. I did see the “red circle in top left” sometimes, but I was always able to complete the transaction.)