Cannot reach my passphrased hidden wallet after switching to a new operating system

Yesterday, I got into my hidden wallet by typing in my passphrase using the Trezor Suite desktop app on my Linux computer successfully and I saw my balance. I needed to do this because I was installing a new OS. But when I installed the Trezor Suite app on my Windows OS later, I couldn’t access my hidden wallet with the same passphrase. I could still get into the regular wallet with my PIN, but then it kept telling me the hidden wallet I wanted was empty. I’m sure I’m using the right passphrase because I had just used it an hour ago, and I have it written down. Can anyone help me figure this out because there are a lot of money on it. :frowning:

does the standard wallet have the same ETH address in it on the windows OS as it did before on the Linux OS ?

if so that would mean that the seeds are the same in both cases.
this isn’t a derivation path difference or something like that is it?

Have you tried using a 3rd party wallet?

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Make sure you enable the coins you are using in Suite settings. This setting is not part of your Trezor! (i.e., it doesn’t know which coins are on it)
On a fresh Suite install, only Bitcoin is enabled. If you have no bitcoin, your wallet reads as empty.

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@matejcik MAAAAAAN THAT WAS IT!!! :rofl: :partying_face:
I had to enable the Ethereum. Please tell my your address so I can send you a package of beers. :beers:
@doge thank you for your reply, but as matejic said, I didn’t enabled the ethereum in my wallet settings.
Many many thanks! You are a lifesaver.

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