Cannot open Binance via trezor

Hi all,

I am trying to access the bnbchain org/unlock but when I click on the Trezor device option as I normally do I am getting this error on the next screen where I normally type my passcode in, on both Firefox and Chrome and nothing loads

Connect v8 is deprecated. Please ask your DeFi platform/wallet developers (not Trezor) to update to Connect v9.

Any ideas?? Is this something that Binance still needs to roll out?

Hi, try to use different browser.

However, as mentioned on the banner, it is on Binance to update to newer Connect version. The one they use has been deprecated (it is not being maintained by Trezor anymore).

Is there another way to access BNB Bep-2 that are on the Binance DEX?

I cannot access via Trezor as it says V8 wallet connect isn’t supported anymore and they have to update - anyone else have this issue?


You are trying to access it in the Chrome browser right?

If so, please try it in the Firefox browser. When using Firefox, please make sure to disable tracking for Binance | Dex Trading | Decentralized Exchange |, it should be then possible to connect your Trezor Model T to the legacy Binance Chain. You can disable it by clicking the “shield” icon after you access Binance | Dex Trading | Decentralized Exchange | in Firefox and switching off the “Enhance tracking protection” button: