Cannot Input Particular Seed Passphrase Word on Device

Trezor Model T
Firmware: 2.4.3

I am trying to check my backup using Trezor Suite. There’s a word in my seed that contains two letter "T"s. When I input the first letter “T” on the screen, it disables the “tuv” input block and now I can’t input the second letter “T”. How can I continue the passphrase check?

Hi @CentauriEx

Are you sure that you are entering the word in the correct way?

Please note that when you are typing the words (for seed check or recovery purposes) it does not use the predictive text technology in a sense of single tapping (of each key representing the letter) but it uses a “multi-tap approach”.

In other words if you want to type for example the word ticket

you would need to:

  • Tap the “stu” tile two times to enter the letter T
  • Tap the “ghi” tile three times to enter the letter I
  • Tap the “abc” tile three times to enter the letter C
  • Tap the “jkl” tile two times to enter the letter K
  • Tap the “def” tile two times to enter the letter E
  • Tap the “stu” tile two times to enter the letter T

Alternatively you can use auto-fill feature after typing just ti since it is the first word of the list starting with such combination of letters:

The words of your recovery seed are drawn from a finite list (link below), so your device can predict the word and offer you a suggestion. To confirm, tap the tile with the suggested word in the top-right corner of the touchscreen.

Hi @MichalZ

Yes, I am sure that I am entering the words correctly, as I have been entering the other words as well correctly.

The problem shows up for words with a succeeding same letter. For example the word “cattle”, I am able to enter “cat” successfully, but after that, the “tuv” tile is now greyed out and disabled and cannot be tapped again, and there’s no suggested/predicted word yet so it’s now stuck.

I can show a video of how it’s happening if needed.

You’re using the Shamir restore, whose wordlist is different and the keyboard also works differently.

In particular, the key tuv exists on the Shamir keyboard but not on the BIP-39 keyboard, where the key is stu.

The word cattle is from the BIP-39 (Single backup) wordlist, which should have 12 or 24 words (18 in case you initialized your Trezor through Exodus Wallet).

If you select incorrect number of words at the start of the recovery process, in particular if you select 20 or 33, then Trezor will expect only words from the Shamir wordlist.


I see, thank you. I do have the Shamir restore.

Here is the Shamir wordlist: slips/wordlist.txt at master · satoshilabs/slips · GitHub
In this wordlist, there are never double letters – in fact, there are never two consecutive keys to be pressed.

If you have a Shamir backup and one of your words has two of the same letter in a row, that is a wrong word and you will need to try to find the right one.