Cannot find where to copy Public Key (XPUB) address

In an online user guide, it says to find your XPUB address under Accounts. I cannot even find an Accounts tab etc in the Trezor Suite. Have clicked every option and cannot find where to find/create this XPUB address. I need it for my Tax software to import transactions. Any advice very welcome! Thank you!

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Same question here and the same problem; I can’t find the XPUB anyplace and I can’t find any tab or menu option to get me to a place where it appears for reference. HAL (The BOT) was no help at all and I read every article I could find that HAL suggested that was even remotely related to the topic.

@doclink0219 @Chessare

You just need to go to Dashboard in new Suite and click BTC then, Details. It changed recently, thanks for the reminder.

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