Can you recover funds from regtest addresses?


Earlier today I was setting up my trezor on Metamask and I chose the Trezor Testnets. Now i’m wondering if it’s possible at all to recover the funds?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi @U_S_E_R_666,

To retrieve your coins, please do the following:

  1. Go to Trezor Suite application → Settings → Device → Find “Safety checks” and click “edit”. There, please switch it to “Prompt” (You will be able to switch it back to “Strict” later)
  2. Next, go to your Accounts tab and select Ethereum Account → Click on “Receive” and copy the address that you have there. Please double-check this address by going to Metamask, clicking connect Hardware wallet, and instead of selecting “Trezor Testnet”, please select “BIP44 Standard”. The first address that you see there, should be the same address that you have copied in Trezor Suite.
  3. Once you have verified that the address is correct, go to the “Testnet” account in which you have your assets, and try to send everything out of there to the address that you have copied.
  4. Then, connect your Trezor with Metamask once again, but this time select the “BIP44 Standard”. You should find your coins there.

Please let me know if this solves the issue or you need any further assistance.

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