Can Trezor send and receive crypto using the same address? #Gemini

Since Gemini changed their regulations regarding withdrawing crypto to whitelisted addresses, it has required users to whitelist addresses from whichever wallet or platform they are using.

From my knowledge, it is rare to find any platform or hardware wallet that supports a function where sending and receiving is on the same address.

Can someone enlighten me as to whether Trezor supports such a function? In your knowledge, which platform or hardware wallet supports such a function?

Thank you!


Hi @BeeBooThew,

I can confirm you can use the same BTC address repeatedly without issue. However, please keep in mind that from the privacy point of view, it is recommended to use a fresh (new) BTC address for every receiving transaction.

You can find more information on fresh addresses at

Thank you for your reply. I understand the need for security and changing of receiving address. I have used Trezor a few times and was wondering if it can align the sent and receiving addresses.

Iā€™m also finding out if there are such platforms and where I could find such a device.

Thank you :pray:

Just to clarify, the security is still the same. Using a fresh address for every transaction is about privacy.