Can trezor safely save the passphrases for othe wallets?

Can trezor safely save the passphrases for other wallets?

Hi @waldgeist,

Depends on what you mean by “other wallets”. You may create as many Hidden wallets you want with your Trezor device, each with its own unique Passphrase.

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I mean different wallets one might have, for instance Metamask, or Exodus or Unstoppable. Each of these would have its own passphrase. Securing each one separately would be awkward. Not all of the coins/tokens I have are supported on Trezor yet so I have to keep the others for the time being.

Yes, I understand. It’s the same as many other people. As for me, I simply cut out the coins/tokens I couldn’t store on Trezor. It’s of course possible to purchase additional hardware wallets, if they support your other coins.

I understand. But if you’ve made a significant gain on a micro-cap that has more potential and want to secure it … I’ll figure something out. The Shamir strategy would have been perfect.