Can the wallet provider be determined from a public address?

If someone knows my public address for any cryptocurrency, can advanced technology tools determine which wallet provider I’m using, such as Trezor, Trust Wallet, or any other wallet?

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Since the formats of addresses are the same, it is not possible to determine what wallet you use.

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From just the address alone, no.

If that address has any transactions, it’s possible to identify the software or hardware that generated that transaction, essentially by process of elimination: certain wallets apply some features always, others sometimes, yet others never.

(A made up example: if your transaction has the Widget flag set to 4, it could not have been made by Rainbow Wallet, because Rainbow Wallet only uses Widgets 1 or 2.
If the Widget is set to 2, it could be Rainbow Wallet, but it could also be some other wallet that also sets Widget to 2.)

Read more here: Wallet Fingerprints: Detection & Analysis | Ishaana
(note that this research is about Bitcoin only. different cryptocurrencies have different distinguishing features)


@matejcik The wallet fingerprinting research article is a fascinating read. Would you suggest agreeing on a standard to avoid such fingerprinting analysis?
What comes to mind is the idea of WalletJoin, analogous to CoinJoin, a mixing of wallet characteristics to keep the wallet identity private.