Can someone help me please. you guys helped me figure out my trezor was hacked because my computer was hacked

Last week i posted here (lost my login information so made a new account) about my trezor being hacked and mt ETH and SOL disappearing. Now it appears that my computer was compromised. The remote login was turned on in my mac, there were a bunch of ip addresses and computer addresses there under DHCP. I know nothing about this, can someone please help me understand, whose ip addresses these are. I think there is someone on my work internet that may have access to my computer. If i post some infomration can someone help me understand that? I appreciate any help.

i am sending a message

is there another platform to chat. I don’t have telegram.

i found it on telegram, sending a message

I just sent a message on telegram, i got it

@boneyamin11 please be advised that the user you are talking to is a scammer. Do not follow any of their instructions, do not download any software and do not provide your seed backup.

ok thank you for letting me know I have enough of scamming being done for now.

Next time only talk to official support. Go to: and right corner at the bottom there is a chat. Create a support ticket there.

Never ever talk to anyone else and never ever install or click on anything and never ever share your seed phrase and/or your password(s).


Agreed make sure you go through official support via the official website do not give up your seed or any details of yourself

We as community? Here to help
Don’t be disheartened about your loss it can happen to anyone