Can I use same seed on two or more devices at the same time?

Yes, as seed is completely independent of the device and vice versa you can have the same exact seed active on 2+ devices at the same time.

This means, that even if your device gets misplaced and you recover your wallet to a different device, the first remains active (if protected by PIN, this shouldn’t be an issue anyway, but you may want to move your coins to a newly generated seed anyway.

Also, this means that you can have more devices active and use some of them as back up device.

Just to confirm if I understood this well. Hereby an example:
I have 1 singe Trezor Model One
I can use the Trezor online wallet app to connect with up to 10 account.
Then use same Trezor to connect with MetaMask
And to connect with Casa Multisig wallet
And also to connect with Sovryn
And so on and on …


correct, you can connect it with another multiple wallets at the same time.

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Kolin, can you explain what you mean by “…but you may want to move your coins to a newly generated seed anyway?” What are the steps to do that? Would I first need to move my coins to an exchange before doing this, then reset my wallet (e.g. reset my Trezor)? This is something that I had thought about (a lost wallet) and was thinking about this very scenario (where the old wallet is lost and I wanted to link my crypto assets to a new seed phrase).


would you please let me know to which particular case are your referring? I am not sure what you issue is to be able to tell you more. Thanks for clarifying.

Kolin, I’ll create a new post and add more detail and a scenario to help explain my question.

Olá, pode me ajudar com questão. Depois de fazer uma atualização na trezor t, meu saldo mostra zerado. Como resolver esse problema
Aguardo seu retorno

Hello Kolin,

does it mean I don’t have to keep my second Trezor unused until loss of my first device but I can perform a recovery process (like in case of a loss) on the second device using seed from first device and use simultaneously both devices having now the same wallet address?

I’ve been using a hidden wallet with strong passphrase and I’d like to keep the second device (already set up) on a secure place just in case that it would be necessary to use it immediately.

Thank you

Hi @pernyk

you don’t have to load your seed onto both devices at the same time. If you have second Trezor, you can recover your wallet on it at any time, including your passphrase protected wallet.

All the addresses are derived from the seed and the coins are on blockchain. So when you recover the wallet you will see the exactly same thing.

prato le gucos everyone.
wondering if its possible to have 2 trezors with the same seed
or 1 trezor and 1 ledger the same way.


Sure, you can have one seed in multiple devices, be it Trezor or Ledger, or another compatible wallets.