Can I turn off my computer after buying BTC, it may take 3 days

I have bought BTC, my bank has sent the SEPA Transfer. Mercuryo sends me an email informing me that it is in process, however, this can take three days and even more being a weekend. Can I turn off my computer after buying BTC or should I leave it on for the next few days so that the BTC can enter my wallet? Now it comes up as PENDING and says that my transaction is being processed. If I remove my Trezor from my computer and turn it off will I lose my BTC?

Thanks for your guidance. Black Stone

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all transactions are on the blockchain… (not on the PC or trezor)
So assuming they have the right address to send the BTC to, it’ll appear on your address, when they send it. PC on or off, it won’t make any difference.

so after you created a wallet on trezor, you didn’t write down the seed shown on it?
That’s not good… however,

You have the PIN and the trezor? Yes.
So you will have to create another wallet somewhere else… like a hot wallet.
Then transfer the funds there.
Then when the accounts on trezor are empty and funds are confirmed on the hot wallet.

Wipe the trezor. (be careful as you can’t go back since you have no seed)

Create a new wallet, write down the seed phrase (+passphrase if you use 1)
Then use the hot wallet to transfer the funds back to the trezor address(es).

What crypto types do you have funds on?

if you check the coin list…
trezor does not support cosmos / osmo networks.