Can i transfer trezorinternally from wallet to wallet?

hi, I have 3 accounts on Trezor Model T:

1x 0 BTC on standard accounts on Trezor. No coins on it.

1x outdated Segwit accounts, there is something on it. Address starts with bc1q.

1x Outdated accounts - where there is also nothing on it - address starts with 1.
  1. Can i transfer bitcoins from the Outdated Segwit accout (adress starsts with 1) to the Outdated account (adress starts with bc1q)

  2. Why is the account where my bitoins are marked as Outtdated?

  3. Can i transfer to the Outdated account (adress stars with 1) from a stock exchange? Because this stock axchange(bittrex) doesn´t support the transfer to adresses which start with bc1.

thanks a lot!

Please, show us a screenshot where does it say “Outdated” in Trezor Suite.

Or you mean it says on your exchange? However, yes, you can send and receive from any account in Trezor.

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No - not on my exchange(Bittrex). On my Trezor-Web-Suite of the Model T.

Here is the picture:

So can i transfer from every account in Trezor to another on the same trezor?

This means “Legacy” account.

Yes, you can.

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