Can I set my own private key with Trezor T?

I’m considering a hardware wallet (Trezor T) but I’m not interested in its Seed / Passphrase functionality. I want to generate and enter my own private key, and then continue using the HW wallet with that key, for convenience.

Is this possible with Trezor T? Many thanks!

yes, there is this tool for ex.

However generating with Trezor is perfectly safe and preferable since everything is done on the device and it never leaves Trezor: Recovery seed - Trezor Wiki

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Thanks but I’m not looking for an external tool to generate my key. I generate the key myself.

I want to know if there’s a way to enter my private key into Trezor T – instead of relying in Trezor’s built-in seed/passphrase key-generation mechanism.

How difficult is it to input my own key? Is there any downside, i.e. will the UX of Trezor T be somehow diminished if I don’t use their built-in seed/passphrase mechanism?

Sorry if it’s an obvious question – I’ve never used a HW wallet, so I’m not sure how tightly are their UX workflows coupled.

you mean you already have your key/seed words?

If yes, then you just plug in the wallet and select option to recover existing wallet and input the words

or you can use dice to create your own entropy

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Is there really an advantage of doing this? Should I worry about the security / randomness of my trezor suite generated seed on my Model T?!

The short answer is no, you should not worry.
The long answer is Air Gapped-ing Worth It? - #2 by matejcik

Also to be clear, the seed is not generated by Suite. Suite is only helping along the process that runs fully on Trezor.