Can I generate addresses using my XPUBS?

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I have 2 questions:
1 - If I manually generate an address using my XPUS, and send coins to that address, will it be shown in my wallet on Trezor ?
2 - Is there any RESTful API for Trezor devices? How can I programatically interact with my device - like if I have an exchange website, and I need to be connected with my Trezor to get fresh addresses for each user for all coins ( BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, etc… ), withdrawals, … -

Thank you in advance

Any help with my question?


  1. addresses are generated from your seed. If you want to see addresses from your xpub you can use or some advanced wallet liker Electrum.

  2. you can use trezorctl Using trezorctl commands with Trezor - Trezor Wiki

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There are only 40 addresses on
Would you please explain why? does it something to do with gap limit?

I’m looking for some ways to get fresh addresses, while my device is not connected ( with xpub only )
Also I might need more than 20 addresses each time as there might be many unused addresses ( unpaid invoices on my website )
I don’t want to lose my funds because I hit the gap limit.
Can you please help me to figure out how can I do this ?

there is no gap limit and you are not gonna loose money, trezor gives you new address for every transaction…as I said use advanced wallet like Electrum for BTC and LTC or Metamask,MyEtherWallet for ETH if you want to see more addresses

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If I send money to for example m/84’/0’/0’/0/1024 and all previous addresses( m/84’/0’/0’/0/0 - m/84’/0’/0’/0/1023 ) are still empty
would Trezor fetch that money ?

yes, you will receive the transactio

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I’m sorry for the confusion. In this case Trezor Suite will NOT load the funds.

Trezor device, however, is perfectly capable of managing that address, if you use it together with e.g. Electrum, where you can configure gap limit manually.

I would recommend using a specialized software for your usecase, such as BTCPayServer. They also have guides for increasing the gap limit on some 3rd party wallets.

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I need using Trezor as a cold storage for my website payments
I’m gonna create something like bitpay, I need to support coins other than BTC. like LTC, BCH, DOGE etc.

What I’m trying to do is generating addresses using my coins XPUBs. so I can create addresses from them without the Trezore beign connected to my PC ( or server )

So, to receive the payments in my Trezor, what can I do to pass the limits?

Please consider an exchange, like Binance. If I create a unique address for each of my users ( for all coins, not just BTC) , and the first 20 users have 0 txs, then how can I handle the rest of users? how can I spend their coins with my Trezor when they asked for a withdrawal while Trezor suite doesn’t load their coins ?

I don’t want to use other softwares, I just want to receive funds in my Trezor and later I might transfer 30% of that in a hot wallet to do buisness stuff and hold 70% in cold storage for security purposes

BTCPayServer has Trezor integration.

Trezor Suite does not support this usecase. You are free to use your Trezor device as a cold storage exactly the way you describe it, but you will not be able to manage your funds through Trezor Suite. You will need to use some other software capable of integrating with Trezor device

Sorry I’ve got a little confused

1 - BTCPS only supports BTC, not BCH, LTC, ZEC and DOGE. right? so what is alternative for these coins?
2 - If I send funds to 1024th address, then will these third parties load that fund or not ?
3 - Can I generate fresh addresses using my XPUBs? I have tried python-trezor but it asks me to confirm on device everytime I request for a new address, so it can’t be automted. I searched a lot on google but couldn’t find anything useful for generating BTC and BTC-like altcoins addresses with XPUB + paths, can you please reffer me to any article or tutorials for this purpose ? ( I personally prefer to not use third parties as much as possible, for security reasons )


  1. I don’t know. I’m not a 3rd party software specialist. I know BTCPS exists, but can’t advise beyond the fact that it exists.
  2. I don’t know, that would depend on the 3rd party software you choose.
  3. You can, and you can even use python-trezor / trezorctl. Simply specify to not show address on device and you won’t need to confirm. Even so, this method will be much slower than generating the addresses from the XPUB in software. Again, unfortunately, this is currently not a feature of any official Trezor software.

Maybe some other user of this forum can answer?

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