I just began starting to create a HIDDEN WALLET and I am in the middle of passphrase words being generated. I got confused as they were being sent in a random order, some generated, some were asking me for one in a certian position in the phrase. I want to cancel this creation of hidden wallet and go back to just using the seed I have been using. Can I do that??? Discconect the trezor amidst passphrase creation before it completes? Turn the trezor app off? PLEASE HELP. Mahalo : )

PS (It’s a Trezor Model One btw jic it matters; and all my funds were in the seed protected standard wallet before I started this hidden wallet process so I’m not sure they are considered the same wallet or an additional one)

You are in recovery mode.

Not sure how you got there. This is most definitely not creating a hidden wallet.

You can unplug your Trezor without any problem, nothing worse is going to happen than what already happened.

Are you in true recovery (did you wipe your device before)? If yes, you will need to do this again with your actual seed phrase.

Or maybe it is dry-run recovery, a.k.a. “check your seed”? In that case, nothing needs to be done.

If you want to create a hidden wallet, click your Trezor in top left corner of Suite screen and choose “add a hidden wallet”. Then pick a passphrase. It is not the same thing as your seed phrase! Don’t use your seed words there.