Can I back up with the internet off?

Can I back up with the internet off?
Can I make a new backup wallet?(off internet)

I’m trying to turn off the Internet to reduce the risk of hacking.

No, the setup procedure involves installing new Firmware and since Trezor is delivered without any Firmware preinstalled, then it must be downloaded from Internet.

About your second question - making a new Backup - if you mean after the setup procedure is finished, the answer is no, you must make the Backup during setup. You may, however, make a backup wallet on a second device, as a mirror to your original, but that other Trezor must also be set up with Internet on.

It’s on the 16th.
Can’t we back up offline?

Ok, I didn’t know about this change. What do you mean by “It’s on the 16th”? Do you have a link to where you found that text?

But it’s great you found the answer yourself to your original question.

Since the Backup is part of the setup, and setup can be performed offline, then the answer is yes.

yes you can do the whole onboarding process offline

I am a Korean.
I’m not good at English.
It meant that it was patched on September 16th.
I asked because I didn’t know.
It was a good study. Thank you.