Can different BTC addresses under the same account be linked

I want to open multiple wallets for different clients and I don’t want the wallets to be linked but I am limited because I can only open a new account if the previous one has received money. So I am wondering if I can create multiple BTC addresses under the same account (assuming that I don’t share my public key/xpub and never use the different addresses together when spending the money)? So in case the address is flagged at a crypto exchange, the other addresses under the same account won’t be flagged.

If you can uphold this, the addresses cannot be linked.
However, this is a very strong assumption – and even if you are careful, you are just doing work better left to a computer.

This is a Suite limitation. I would recommend looking for a more powerful wallet software that allows you to create accounts independently. For example, Electrum lets you create separate wallets on separate derivation paths independent of one another.

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