Buying Trezor from Ebay advice?

Hi there, I purchase model T before one year, but not from official store, from guy on ebay, bought 2 of them, package was sealed and device have hologram sticker everythink seems okay.
My question is is there possible to get into my device and steal my asset, Im in fear cuz true year I have buy a lot crypto and store it on my wallet. What is your advice, should I buy another one from official site and transfer all my coins to new one, or no worries with this one? Thanks for answer and advice

Hi - yes, if in doubt, don’t use any hardware wallet purchased from ANYWHERE other than the official shop from the manufacturer. Don’t buy from 3rd-party sites, don’t buy from Amazon or eBay etc. If I was you, I would purchase another one properly from Trezor Shop itself (don’t follow other site’s links to the shop, just go to the real site direct from a search engine).

If you have already used the ones you bought from eBay and so far they are fine, I still wouldn’t trust them. It’s just the way my mind works, and yours by the sounds of your post. If you want to sleep well at night, hurry up and buy one from Trezor directly and transfer your coins onto that as soon as possible.

Not to confuse you, but if you are REALLY worried that the ones you bought may be dodgy, and you’re worried about the waiting time for the Trezor to arrive in the post in a few weeks, then you could always download an Exodus wallet on your PC (that’s a decent wallet for TEMP storage, not long term) and transfer your coins into that for now. Then when your official Trezor arrives you can move them all back onto that. Just a thought. It’s up to you. But be warned that Exodus is a “hot” wallet which is always on your PC, so it can only be used for a short amount of time really if you are paranoid like me. You don’t HAVE to do this suggestion with Exodus; it’s only if for some reason you REALLY REALLY have reason to believe the ones you bought on eBay may be hackable. If you have genuine reason to believe this, then I would use the “temporary Exodus holding” like I said while you wait for your real Trezor to arrive. If you do this after all then obviously, as always, please save the seed words to Exodus VERY SAFELY. And transfer them from Exodus back to your real Trezor VERY QUICKLY AS SOON AS YOUR NEW ONE ARRIVES.

It sounds paranoid but you have to be paranoid in crypto. Everyone is out to steal your money - just look at it like that.

So in short:

YES buy a new one from Trezor directly and NEVER buy from anywhere other than the proper manufacturer ever again.

Also, if you have reason to believe your coins are in danger FOR REAL on your current eBay ones, then move them to an Exodus wallet on your PC “temporarily” while you wait for your new Trezor to arrive in the post. You don’t have to do this, only if you have a real reason to believe the ones you bought on eBay are dodgy. Else just sit tight and wait for your new Trezor to come.


Thanks for answer, true, if you not paranoid you may lost everythik. Apriciate your answer, already ordered new one few days ago, but I want some opinions or maybe cases that someone be hacked on same way.

It’s advisable not to purchase devices from anywhere other than the manufacturer however it is very unlikely the device is unsecure in anyway. Your trezor updates to the current firmware on first use, this would delete any custom firmware a potential attacker could use. A physical attack on the chip would mean the attacker needs access to the device physically.
I see you’ve bought a new device from the manufacturer. Would you like to sell one of your used model T’s? I may be interested.

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Yes that is an important point to put people’s minds at rest: IF there was bad firmware preinstalled on the device, then when you do your first genuine firmware install it wipes any previous one, and so the device should be fine from then on. The danger is you buy from a third party and there is firmware already on it (from a scammer) and somebody who is new to all this just goes with it and uses it as it is. And it may even have a wallet setup on it with seed words already printed out in the box - another trick played by scammers on newbies… it’s so criminal it makes me sick, and it sets our space back from adoption.

There is a risk of a supply chain attack when you buy from unauthorized resellers. These attacks can be pretty advanced sometimes. You can read more on this blog post on our official Trezor Blog: Stay safe shopping for hardware wallets | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

It is highly recommended to purchase your Trezor directly from our official eshop or from official resellers.

I bought two of them, they are sealed, and have hologram, no any firmware on first time activation, at first no red flag, but it is not from official site. I have one unopen totaly, and this one open, booth would like to sell cuz I ordered new one from Trezor site, cuz I must sleep at night :slight_smile:

Whatever keeps your mind at peace. If your portfolio is big enough (and so may be worth a lot in the future) why risk it? Buy an official one :grin:

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